The approach to theoretical inquiry revolves around central issues in contemporary art and dance that cannot be analyzed through the prism of a single approach. Theoretical disciplines are not treated as knowledge that would allow us to decipher and explain the meaning of the artworks. On the contrary, art is understood alongside theoretical research as an activity that contributes to shaping the central issues of our society. These questions are therefore approached using two fields of references: art and theory.

Thus, the question of the relationship of consciousness to the body and to the outside world can call for both artistic approaches and theoretical disciplines, such as phenomenology or cognitive sciences. Other issues, such as the question of the relationship between a work or a theoretical discourse, and the position of its author in society (gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social class…) will call for a completely different artistic and theoretical corpus (literary theory, gender studies, postcolonial studies, sociology, economics…).

This approach to theory aims to transcend academic disciplines and create the conditions for a research where theoretical analysis and artistic experimentation transform the way we experience and understand the world around us.