Admission requirements

The training is accessible through auditions to people over 18 years old who hold the baccalauréat - or a French or foreign diploma admitted in dispensation or equivalence of the French baccalauréat according to national regulations - and who can prove a dance background of at least three years*.

*The director, after consulting the pedagogical team, may grant, by way of derogation and upon a reasoned request from the candidate, authorization to audition a candidate who does not meet the conditions set out above but whose profile is particularly suited to the training.

All the info for the 2024 audition

Organization of the training

Each year begins in early September and ends at the end of June.
The training is organized in six semesters (two semesters per year).
Each semester allows the students to follow and validate teaching units leading to ECTS (European Credits Transfer and Accumulation System).
The complete training allows the student to obtain 180 ECTS (60 ECTS per year).
Each class has a maximum of 20 students.
Teachings, practical classes and choreographic workshops are given by dancers, choreographers, teachers and contributors who have a career or work that is authoritative in their field of activity.


Courses are delivered in French and English.
Students must have a good mastery of one of these two languages when they enter the program, and must acquire a good mastery of the other language during their first year of study.


Audition fees: 30 euros for the 1st round, then 20 euros for the 2nd round.
For admitted candidates, the tuition fees are 200 euros per year for the DNSPD (paid to the Cndc) and 262 euros per year for the University Bachelor’s degree (amount for the year 20/21, including CVEC; paid to the University of Angers).
Compulsory registration at the University of Angers entitles the student to university services subject to fulfilling the conditions of attribution: scholarships, student housing, university restaurant, sports activities…


Christian Cheyrouse, School Activities Coordinator