The Cndc has several work spaces and accommodations to support the creation and research of choreographic artists. The accompaniment of these artists is done in a personalized way, through two types of support:

– accueil studio
– residencies

The Cndc looks for a resonance of the work of the supported artists in the different missions of the Cndc. Thus, an artist supported within the framework of a studio residency may be invited to teach students at the school or to propose a workshop for amateurs or to participate in an artistic and cultural education program when these different activities have a meaning with the nature of the artist’s work.

Apply for a residency

Throughout the season, professional artists may apply for residencies. These residencies include the use of the rehearsal studio, accommodation and technical support (provision of equipment and support by the permanent technical team of the ndcc).
These requests can be made throughout the year by email (accompanied by a file presenting the project).

Request an accueil-studio

As part of the “accueil-studio” program set up by the Ministry of Culture and common to the 19 National Choreographic Centers (CCN), the Cndc accompanies an artist in the creation process of a show.
The selected companies benefit from a residency (from 1 to 4 weeks), technical support, accommodation, co-production and possible programming.

For the 2021-2022 season, the Cndc has supported the following artists in studio residencies: Olivia Grandville, Sylvain Riéjou, Ana Pi, Thibault Lac et Bryana Fritz, David Wampach, Nacera Belaza, Rauf Yasit et Brigel Gjoka, Pol Pi, Céline Cartillier, Yvan Clédat et Corinne Petitpierre, Aina Alegre, Mathilde Monnier, Aline Landreau…

Apply for accueil-studio

Application deadline for the year 2023: May, 31st
Date of response: July 2023

Documents to be provided for the application :
Artistic project with distribution
→ Biography(ies) of the choreographer(s)
→ History of the company
→ Creation calendar
→ Requested period(s) of studio work
→ Number of people to be accommodated
→ Video links from the last creation
→ Estimated budget showing the amount of studio space desired
→ Production schedule showing the desired residency period.


Sandra Bony, Chargée des résidences d’artistes et assistante à la programmation