The Cndc – Angers

Created in 1978, the Cndc (Centre national de danse contemporaine) is a unique institution in the choreographic field. The Cndc brings together at Le Quai a center for choreographic creation, a higher school of contemporary dance and a dance season.

The Cndc is located at the Quai. Le Quai is a theater and a creative space, composed of two structures:
→ the Cndc, directed by Noé Soulier
the Quai CDN directed by Marcial Di Fonzo Bo


Since July 1, 2020, the Cndc has been headed by Noé Soulier. He develops an artistic approach where the body and conceptual dimensions are in constant interaction. This choreographic thought is at the heart of the project which unites the different missions of the Cndc: creation, pedagogy and dance programming. 

The Cndc is above all a house of creation. 
Noé Soulier will create, rehearse and present several of his works. The Cndc also supports many artists by welcoming them for working or programming time.

The Cndc’s program is conceived as a global and transversal artistic project, whether it be the dance season, support for artists or artistic and cultural education. It aims to bring to light the issues that unite works linked to extremely diverse aesthetics and contexts.
The support to artists is approached as a dialogue allowing them to seize the different dimensions of the Cndc: creation residencies, workshops (for students or amateurs), carte blanche.

The mediation program is focused on the development of tools to share choreographic culture with all the publics: practical workshops, conferences, meetings between artists and audiences… This transmission also has a fundamental role to play with regard to creation, insofar as these tools of the gaze are invented with each artist and for each audience.

The school is fully integrated into the Cndc’s project. It trains professional choreographic artists, both authors and performers. The Cndc develops a fully creative pedagogical approach, where knowledge is built in and through transmission.

The Cndc, by the multiplicity of its missions and activities, has the will to share dance in all its forms with everyone.

Informations pratiques

You can purchase your tickets and memberships by internet on the Quai CDN website or by phone at +33 (0)2 41 22 20 20.

Cndc – Angers
Centre national de danse contemporaine
17, rue de la Tannerie
49101 Angers cedex 02 | CS 50107
+33 (0)2 44 01 22 66

Contact :
You can contact a member of the team directly by email at:
For any questions please contact :


Direction :
Noé Soulier
Marion Colléter

Administration :
Sylvie Richard
Manon Prévost-Ruffini
Gaëlle Bayeke

School - Graduate school of contemporary dance:
Amélie Coster
Christian Cheyrouse

Production and touring:
Céline Chouffot
Adèle Thébault

Residency and programming:
Lili L’Herroux
Lautaro Prado

Suzanne Copin

Public relations:
Gildas Esnault
Lucas Charbonnier

Heritage and documentary information:
Arnaud Hie

François le Maguer
Mathilde Monier
Martin Houchère

Graphic design:
Twice studio

Interactive design and programming:
Élie Quintard


The Cndc - Angers is an association under the law of 1901 subsidized by the Ministry of Culture - DRAC des Pays de la Loire, the City of Angers, the Region of Pays de la Loire and the Department of Maine-et-Loire.

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