The teaching of composition is based on the analysis of works and compositional processes of the last decades. It does not aim to reproduce existing models, but rather to grasp their fundamental principles in order to better imagine new approaches. It involves an analysis of choreographic compositional methods, but also of approaches present in other disciplines: music, literature, cinema, visual arts, photography, architecture, etc… In particular, it aims to observe how certain compositional concepts have been able to take multiple forms in different mediums. These composition workshops are not introductions to the analysis of these disciplines, they do not aim to teach specialized knowledge such as solfège or iconography, but to identify the organizational logics present in various contemporary artistic fields.

In the field of choreography, much of the analysis of the major compositional approaches of the last fifty years remains to be carried out. As in the field of body practices, here transmission is the catalyst of a creative activity because the knowledge to be transmitted is not pre-established. Each seminar is thus an opportunity to test new hypotheses and to rethink the approaches to composition that underlie our view of dance.