Production and communication are treated as artistic issues that form an integral part of creation. The courses and workshops devoted to this area of study aim to provide an understanding of the current context of contemporary dance production in France and Europe, and to compare it to other contexts. They also propose an analysis of the production systems of other artistic disciplines that have developed completely different models. The appropriation of practical tools for production, dissemination and communication is thus made through their contextualization and questioning.

Beyond this general understanding, the main focus will be on how different artists have made these issues a central part of their work by disrupting models: refusal of any communication about the works, treatment of communication as a work in itself, elaboration of new types of contracts, creation of merchandising products, development of a personal mythology around the work… This analysis will focus on the multiple ethical, political and economic implications of these artistic approaches.

The aim is not to encourage the reproduction of these models, but to foster an artistic reflection that encompasses the entirety of the production process. The profound changes that the performing arts are undergoing, whether linked to technological or societal developments, make this reflection all the more necessary.