A movie by Noé Soulier
Meeting with Noé Soulier and Chris Dercon


Fragments reverses the usual relationship of dance to the camera. During the shooting, the frame was physically materialized to allow the dancers to precisely position their bodies within the space determined by the camera. The framing is not intended to capture details in the overall movement of the dancers. Instead, the movements shape the space defined by the camera. The choreography continuously recomposes this space with fragmented bodies. This fragmentation aims to make sensitive the elusive nature of our experience of the body. By exploring the margins of our bodily perception, Noé Soulier underlines its polyphonic character which escapes any univocal representation.

Jeu. 29 septembre, à l’occasion de la présentation de son film, Noé Soulier s’entretiendra avec Chris Dercon, historien de l’art, commissaire d’exposition, président de la Réunion des Musées Nationaux et président du Grand Palais).
Du 30 septembre au 2 octobre, Fragments sera en accès libre, pour toute personne munie d’un billet d’exposition pour la Bourse du Commerce. Réservations ici.

Directing and choreography: Noé Soulier
With: Stephanie Amurao, Lucas Bassereau, Meleat Fredriksson, Yumiko Funaya, Nangaline Gomis, Nans Pierson
Sound and video: Cristian Manzutto
Assistant: Laetitia Striffling
Costumes: Chiara Valle Vallomini
Post-production: Firm Studio
Editing: Camille Guyot
Colour grading: Nicolas Gautier
Mixing: Capitaine Plouf - Sébastien Cannas

Production: Cndc – Angers
Head of production: Céline Chouffot
Production assistant: Adèle Thébault
Technical director: François Le Maguer
Sound engineer: Alain Cherouvrier
Light manager: Benjamin Aymard
With the support of the Cndc team

Coproduction: La place de la danse - CDCN Toulouse
The Cndc - Angers is an association under the law of 1901 subsidized by the Ministry of Culture - DRAC des Pays de la Loire, the City of Angers, the Region of Pays de la Loire and the Department of Maine-et-Loire.