“Implicitly, I had analyzed and memorized the first two movements in this way: the arm forms a straight line that describes a half circle downwards, the knee bends precisely when the arm passes in front of it, then the trunk tilts about 20° to the front, etc. It was impossible to execute correctly the phrase from Set and Reset with this reading of the movements. The following one worked better: I drop the weight of my extended arm, by falling the arm triggers the bending of the knee which causes the torso to slightly tilt forward, and so on.”

Noé Soulier proposes ways of paying attention to movements based on an analysis of choreographic practices. He thus develops attention focals: conceptual framings that allow different ways of apprehending movement and body. This research stands at the blurred edge between an artistic practice that concentrates on the attitude of the spectator and a reflection on art that tries less to decipher the meaning of art works than to enrich the multiple ways to experience them. Actions, movements and gestures is a choreographic proposition that takes the form of a book. It is an observation work that makes the elaboration of different ways of looking at movement the dance itself.

Collection Carnets, Éditions du CN D Centre national de la danse, Pantin, 2016