The transmission of contemporary dance is a challenge: How can we pass on something that is constantly being reinvented and is never completely defined? This challenge provides a fantastic opportunity to approach teaching not as the transfer of pre-established knowledge, but as a creative activity where instructors and students collaborate, working together to build the very practices and knowledge taught within the school.

As part of a National Choreographic Center where international artists create and share their works with the public year-round, the Cndc School benefits from a privileged position being at the heart of contemporary creation. Its studies constantly echo the issues and innovations of the professional field.

The artists, researchers and teachers at the Cndc School are, above all, creators, performers and thinkers in the contemporary scene. The practices, points of view, and approaches they share are extremely varied, and their frictions and contradictions gives the program its richness.
Each of them is approached with the intensity necessary to fully experience it, but also with the distance and critical tools needed to contextualize it and to explore the multiple ways of reacting to it.

The training is intended for both future choregraphers and future dancers. By highlighting the diverse and complex nature of the two roles within contemporary dance, the school acts as a fertile ground for every student to find the position that the best corresponds to them and to invent new ones.